Google Merchant Center Suspension Audit

Find out what is causing your GMC suspension and get your Google Shopping Campaigns running again

(Or you can have us fix it for you, guaranteed)

Have you received a notification like this?​

Google has been banning Google Merchant Center accounts like crazy and it’s very hard to understand why it’s happening to your own store.

The reasons given by Google are rather unhelpful:

  • “Misrepresentation”
  • “Unacceptable business practices”
  • “Counterfeit goods”
  • “Malicious software”
  • “Suspicious payments”
  • “Circumventing systems”

We have found that there are 3 main areas causing GMC Suspensions:​

1. Issues within your Google Merchant Center Account​

We regularly find issues within Google Merchant Center. Such as incorrect or poorly added Business Information Settings, problems with Shipping Information, or more.

2. Issues within your Product Feed​

There are often problems with product feeds causing suspensions such as product disapprovals, errors, warnings or problematic fields within your feed.

3. Issues on Your Website

A large amount of issues occur on your website. Missing (or poorly written) policy pages, misleading information, copied product details and reviews, among a multitude of other factors that can lead to a poor user experience.

When you sign up for our GMC Suspension Audit, our expert GMC team will go over these 3 areas to identify the likely cause of your suspension.

You will receive a PDF report that outlines what we recommend you fix before you request a review of your account with Google

What's included in the audit?​

The process​

1. Purchase the audit.

Click here to go to the purchase form.

2. Provide access to your platforms.

Upon purchase, you’ll be directed to an onboarding guide that shows you how to give our specialists the necessary access to your platforms. It will also ask you for further information related to your suspension, which can assist us in finding the likely cause.

3. Receive your audit

It will be emailed as a PDF to you within 7 days.

What will you need to do?

Included in our audit will be several recommendations for fixing your GMC account, product feed and ecommerce store.

You’ll need to make these changes to your site and GMC Account on your own.

We’ll make as many changes as we can to your GMC Account and product feed (such as fixing product disapprovals, etc.) but, often, you will need to make the changes yourself, as we won’t have access to specific information about your store. For example, you may not have the correct shipping information in your GMC account settings.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the steps to getting an audit for my GMC Suspension from you guys?

Go to the checkout and pay here. You’ll then receive easy and clear instructions on granting temporary access to your Google Analytics and Google Merchant Center accounts. We’ll also ask detailed questions about your suspension to help us find the likely cause. We’ll then start the audit, which generally takes 7 days (but we’ll do what we can to get it done before then). Keep in mind that there are a lot of things that we check in our audit. We’re reviewing your entire website, GMC account, and feed! You will receive an email with the attached audit as a PDF report once the audit is complete.

Can you guarantee that I will get unsuspended?

We can’t provide a guarantee or promise that you will get unsuspended as this is entirely up to Google and their team. Our audit covers all the best practices and what we’ve seen to cause suspensions in the past. We’ve helped other stores get unsuspended but we can’t guarantee that we’ll find the exact cause of your suspension. Suspensions are entirely up to Google’s discretion and you will still need to put in the work to communicate with Google which involves emails and potentially, calls.

How long does the audit take?

Our audits take up to 7 days to complete. It’s a thorough process that involves a comprehensive review of multiple platforms and your website. Of course, we can and will deliver it as soon as possible. We understand that time is of the essence for your business.

Are you going to contact Google for me?

Yes, we contact them via email as well as the support chat. We’ll include our findings in the audit. Sometimes Google will provide us with valuable information to assist but in many cases we’ll also receive canned responses.

Are you going to help me until I get my account unsuspended?

This is not a service with ongoing support but you are free to email us after making our recommended changes and we’ll double check that they’re made properly. Because this is a one-time audit service, we can provide you with support for 30 days after we deliver your audit. If you’re looking for help implementing all the changes and working with Google until your account is fixed, please apply for our Suspension Fixing service here.

Will you edit my website for me?

No. To keep the cost of this audit service low, you will need to make the changes to your site on your own. We will provide the recommendations but you will need to adjust your pages depending on how you sell your own products. For example, we will advise what changes or extra information you will need to add to your Returns & Refunds page but the exact words you add will vary depending on your actual policy. Every store will have their own Returns & Refunds policy so you will just add the specific information that’s relevant for your own store. We will tell you what you will need to adjust to be in line with Google’s policies and best practices.

My account is now permanently suspended. Can you still audit it?

Yes. We’ve had some clients receive those ‘permanently suspended’ emails before and still been able to lift the suspension. You’ll need to fix every problem on your site and in your GMC account first. You will then need to contact Google to proceed with the review but make sure your site is spotless and everything is fixed.

$397 is outside of my budget, can you provide a discount?

No, we don’t provide special discounts on our products or services. This audit service takes a considerable amount of our team’s time to conduct. If it’s outside your budget then we recommend you check out our GMC Suspension Guide here. This includes a full walkthrough and checklist you can apply to your own store to find the likely cause of the suspension and get it lifted.

I have another question about the audit or your other services?

Send us a message on our Contact Us page and we’ll answer as soon as we can.

Have more questions about the service? Contact us here

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